Coffee break


Coffee break 2

Unexpected architecture


Landscape Seascape

Running man

The forgotten future

Landscape with tower

Pastoral view

Connecting rooms

Case study

Still life

Man on a high ladder

Living geometry

Lost to time

Tesseract in moonlight

Fallen army

Another landscape

Landscaped construct

False exit

Open window

Open window 2

A case of oil

Soft landscape

Shifting sands

Shifting sands 2

Robert Brook: photographer, one time film maker, digital artist: had pictures exhibited in public galleries, purchased by public and private collections, worked on music album covers, won an award for film work before specializing in photojournalism and editorial photography for many years. Since 2012 has been working mainly on personal projects.


London in the margins 1975 - 1990. Several series of mainly black and white photos of marginal areas and edgelands of London. First tranche exhibited at the the Serpentine Gallery in 1977, and some pictures appeared there in two subsequent exhibitions. These photos are currently being brought back to life via a series of video projects

Pond 1975 - 1995. An ornamental garden and pond in Battersea Park depicted over time. Also being incorporated into a video project.

Software project 1985 - 1992. Early involvement with computer graphics deploying complex geometrical forms.

Essex and Kent dumps 1989 - 1992. Landscape pictures of land and water under stress. Published/used worldwide. Followed this with similar work in the Black Country.

Night photography 2000 - 2002. Incorporated a series of black and white urban night photographs into a website display: 'UK Nights' selected by Yahoo as a Pick of the Day.

35mm traditional street photography collection 1996 - 2004 in association with Photofusion. Observational, rather than subjective, mainly in Northern towns and cities. Widely published. Some work featured in the exhibition: Mass Photography: Blackpool through the camera.

Night Photography 2010 - 2016. More night photography, but using digital rather than film, in mixed suburban / industrial areas. Pictures were acquired by Corbis Contemporary

Currently - since 2014 - has been working on more complex narrative imagery often combining real photography with elements of CGI.

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These pictures are all made from scratch using 3D software, although may contain varying degrees of photographic content. Sometimes the aim is to make images that are barely distinguishable from photographs, but often to suggest a degree of unreality, or even alternate reality.

The impetus arose from having moved away from the authenticity of reportage and editorial work to a more commercial stance. Initially working on studio still lifes, and then introducing composite elements, 3D became an obvious logical extension, opening up an array of new possibilities.

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